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promise given to Basappa in a privious birth when He was a fakir to save former from the wrath of Veerabhadrappa. Rinanubandha had brought them all together again.

The other is about how he suddenly complains of pain in the loins and sends 'Udhi' (ash from the 'dhuni' He kindled with His yogic fire and kept burning at the mosque and contin­ues to be so kept) through a messenger called Bapu Gir late in the night to be given to a devotee, a Deputy Collector, named Chandorkar about a hundred miles away, to be applied to his daughter Meenutai in the throes of labour. The man traveling

by train arrives at Jamner, a way-side station not knowing how to reach the officer miles away in the-interior. Presently, to hi joy and relief, a person in office uniform with a lantern com* on the platform shouting, "Who is Bapu Gir from Shirdi?" Bapu Gir follows him to be seated in a brightly lit coach drawn by white horse with trappings and taken and left in the proximit of Chandorkar's bungalow. The 'Udhi' is received and applied and as if by magic the delivery takes place in a split second! " being told how grateful he is for the timely despacth of the coach to pick him up, the surprised officer says he does not have one It is only then that both realise how Baba has played His 'leele in His own inimitable way.


- (Late) Dr. P.S.R. Swami

I have often been put the question by well-wishers, why Shiridi Sai Baba and not any other? My only answer is that I had no choice in this even as I had no choice in having been born to my father. Sometimes I am told there is a more recent Baba or there is a more powerful Baba who suits the present needs of the times more effectively. Therefore, a change is called for. My answer is, may be, but even as I cannot change my father now, I cannot change my Eternal father, the Captain of my soul, already steering my life's course.

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