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I shall give another analogy. You see I am feminine in my attitude to life. After we attained Independence John Spender of the London Spectator asked Gandhiji, "Now that you have achieved Swaraj the sumum bonum of your life, how do you propose to spend your time?" Gandhiji replied, "Well, as regards swaraj, it is only a two-anna swaraj. Anyway, now I am trying to cultivate some feminine virtues." So you see I am not ashmed of my feminine attitude, rather proud of it. Hence, Shirdi Sai Baba is to me my Lord and Master indeed my spiritual Husband of whom I think while awake and dream while asleep. If you dare to ask any of our married women (who thank God are not changing their husbands so easily do their clothes, most of them being Patiuratas, if you ask any one of them) why not go in for a new model husband you will receive a fitting reply and a lesson to remember all your life. For every married woman of our sacred land, once a husband is always a husband. In the same way, I feel. While may extend my respect and regard for other incarnations however popular or glorified and modern, my devotion and dedication is at the feet of my own Lord and Master who in case fulfils all my needs.

I shall give yet another analogy. I was ship-wrecked and being tossed hither and thither on the dark and dreary bosom of the raging ocean of life with human sharks and shoals waiting to swallow me up. Then in His infinite Mercy, of His own accord due to my Rinanubandha He sends me not only a boat with a pilot to steer me through to safety but also provides an Eternal Anchor for me to hold on to, so that even if the waves may overwhelm me and I may go under I cannot be drowned. I surface every time and keep afloat. Now, if one were to come and tell me, come on let go your Anchor, here there is a new computerised model for you, I only spurn the offer and in the words of Christ, "Get thee behind me, Satan. Thou shalt not tempt me with thy blandishments;" Such is Shirdi

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