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Baba whom I adore making me as every one else of His devotees stand four-square to all the storms that blow, who has induced into me, a mere man of straw, the courage of a man of steel to constitute myself an occasion into a majority of one and stare the world in the face even if it has blood-shot eyes, I have my model in no less a saint than Tulsi to draw inspiration from. When once someone suggested to him why not visit Dwaraka and Kashi. He replied, what is Ayodhya for? That is my attitude. Shirdi is my Kashi and Dwaraka in one and Shirdi Baba is the alpha and omega of my life. I feel no need for any other, whatever the world and his wife my say.

Once a brilliant agnostic friend of mine who nevertheless held me in warm esteem, when I narrated to him my wonderful experiences of Baba, how He has been saving me from perils and dangers time and again and how He solves my day-to-day of problems (here I must confess that having come under the personal magnetic influence of Gandhiji, we were inspired to be naked and un-ashamed, so to say, and bare our hearts even to scoffers with impunity) -- so as I was narrating my experiences to my friend, obviously laughing within himself incredulously, he queried sarcastically whether Baba is there only to attend upon my personal needs. Indeed so, I replied with conviction born of actual experience and gave him instances which not only silenced him but thrilled him. It is like asking a gopi whether the Lord in her arms is her own monopoly. Indeed so, she would reply. So also will every other gopi and every one of us who, so to say, becomes a gopi for the time being, a jeewatma longing for the bliss of merger with paramatma. Here, permit me to quote a sacred anecdote. It seems when Sri Ramachandra was wandering in Dandakaranya, some 50,000 Rishis and tapasvis faced him with a request that they wished to embrace Him, Alingan as Tukaram says, Sri Ram was

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