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so modest and shy smitha vakthro mitha bashi poorva basheecha Raghava, says Valmiki; He told the holy souls, "Not now, you can all embrace Me in my next Avataar as Gopis to your hearts content. That is the continuity and unity underlying the different auataars of God or human embodiments of divinity like Sri Ramana Maharshi, Shirdi Baba who said He was kabir in a previous birth, Akalkot Maharaj etc. When a devotee went to the Akalkot Maharaj for upadesh, he directed him to go to Shirdi. When Rajen Baba, while taking leave of Sri Ramana Maharshi requested him for a message to Gandhiji, the Bhagawan said (a word so prostituted now with so many self-anointed Bhagwans) what message is needed he said when the hearts are beating in unison? Such is the oneness that pervades holy souls. They are like so many cosmic tuning forks vibrating to the same pitch and frequency in unison with Sabda Brahma, what Shakespeare calls the music of the spheres. It is the poor half-baked (kachcha) beings who seek to make a dichotomy between them saying your God and my God. Such is the sweet attachment one develops for Baba.

When He casts a pearl in the clear pool of one's heart-

one's devotion goes on expanding in ever widening concentric waves of love. As long Fellow says The tidal wave of deeper souls , Into our inmost being rolls And lifts us unawares Out of all our meaner cares.

Such love generates faith. Faith which is not a half­way house between doubt and belief. Total faith beyond all question involving complete surrender because He is saranagatha vatsala. You are content to recommend yourself to His care and leave yourself entirely in His hands, come what may, even a world shaking holocaust. The most perfect definition of such faith was given nearly 2000 years ago by St.Augustine. He said : Faith is to believe what you do not see. And the reward of that faith is to SEE WHAT YOU I BELIEVE.

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