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Golden words are these. We have got beautiful and thrilling example in Draupadi's Vastrapaharana. The Lord does not come to the rescue as long as she relies on her poor hand to hold on to her saree with only one hand raised in; prayer to Him. It is only when her surrender is complete where in utter desperation she lifts both her hands in prayer does the lord appear in a split second to save her nakedness and the saree goes on extending adinfinitum till the shame faced Dussasana sinks exhausted.

Once a scoffer asked me, "Is your Shirdi baba alone the only true saviour whom every one must approach?" No, Certainly not. I do not say so. Nor did Baba Himself. He reiterated the vedic axiom 'Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti' Baba Himself told a questioner who asked Him whether he should cease worshipping his Ishta devta and kuladevata,

"You continue to worship whomsoever you are worshipping now If you are a devotee of Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Dutta, Maruti and so on be more and more devoted in your worship. If you are a Christian, be a better Christian; if a Muslim, be a better Muslim. You must try to see me in other incarnations and the other incarnations in me. He did not merely say it. He manifested Himself as Ramachandra, Krishna, Dattatreya, Panduranga, Maruti, etc. to their respective devotees who at first were averse to accept Him as a divine incarnation. "Main Allah Hum" He used to say and orthodox Muslims used to worship Him with Namaz and do so even now as you can see at Shirdi. He wanted His devotees to see Him in all, even animals like dogs, cats, pigs, etc. and gave ample proof of it. When some one or the other hit an animal with a stick or a stone, He showed them the injury on His own body to prove His Sarvantaryamitva. When Namdev saw Sri Panduranga in the dog snatching away the roti from his leaf, he ran after the dog with the ghee 'dhona' in his hand shouting "Panduranga, Panduranga, you have left the ghee behind. Have

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