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presence and these eyes have witnessed the miracles leaving me stunned and dumb founded, thrilled and filled with ecstasy by turns. How can I describe Him who is beyond speech and understanding Daya-Sindu, karunamaya, literally Aapadhbhandhava and Anaadhara/csha/ca, all forgiving and ever vigilant. Bhaktha paradeena,   Bhaktha uatsala, Satya-swarupi. All He wants is faith and patience -Nista and Saboori - as He has said no ritual, no show and no fanfare is needed. That is Shirdi Baba for you. It matters not whether you call him my Baba or his Baba. Gandhiji said, God to be God must rule over the heart, transform it and express Himself in every act of the votary. Baba does it. I can vouch for it. He holds the reins. You can not swerve from the chalked out course, even if you want to. Thus you are safe. He has said when once you are my devotee, you need not worry about your vimukthi. He will incarnate again and again with his devotee's rebirths (Punarapi Jananam as Shri Shankara says) till the Latter merges in Him. He demonstrated it in the case of some of His apostles like Nana Saheb Chandorkar, Dixit, Dabholkar, Radhabai Deshmukh, Mahlsapathy and a host of others tracing their Janmas in their previous births. In the case of Veerabhadrappa and Basappa give just one example. He demonstrated how He has been keeping up the promise given to the latter in a previous birth. You see one dark night on the bund of a pool near the mosque where Baba as a human incarnation used to reside, there was the croaking of a frog caught in mouth of a snake. At once He rushed to the spot followed by the devotees present and shouted angrily, "Come-on Veerabhadrappa leave Basappa free, you should be ashamed of your conduct", Immediately, the snake opened its mouth and let the frog jump into the water and escape. To the mystified spectator Baba said how in a previous incarnation as a fakir He had given His word to Basappa to save him from the murderous wrath of Veerabhadrappa and

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