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now again they are born as enemies and Rinanubandha has brought them here and He is redeeming his pledge. I can give parallel instances from my own life. This is not occasion.

"Why fear when I am here, cast your burden on me and I will bear them." He literally does so. "I give my children what they want so that they will begin to want what I want to give them." He does so. You can put Him to the test and put QED first as in geometry and then look for proof. You will find it. I have done it during my Navy days and as a Homeopath and so vouch for. You can ask for a blank Cheque. He gives it out of a sense of humour and watches the fun to see how you use it.

Suppose Baba appears before a devotee and asks what one wants, what would be or should be the reply? The truth is we know not what we really need, though we may desire for or want so many things. You see I can talk only for myself. I always had my own value of things in life. While I was in the Navy as an Ammunition Examiner, rather a complicated job for which I was not fit but pitch-forked into it by Baba Himself and enabled me, to my own surprise, to make a mark and attract notice "Mathi heena mathipradhah", I was asked to go to England to be trained. I refused, it is a long story, but I was retained. Similarly, every time I was asked to go elsewhere on promotion I turned down the offer. So, once Admiral Kamath at that time commanding the INS Vikrant, our air-craft carrier, asked me bluntly, "Have you no ambition, Mr. Swami?" Even Officers of the rank of commanders were afraid to reply back to him. He was such a fire-eater. I was also famous or notorious for rushing in where angels fear to tread. So I told him" Sir, I can only answer you with a question, if you would permit me" and asked "can you define ambition, Sir?" he was taken aback. I said, "I have been unable to decide what should be my ambition wealth, enjoyment, power, position etc. So, I left it to Baba to give me what He deems fit. What is due to me, no power on earth can take away. So I live from day to day with its good and bad. I am sustained by the belief that the sum total of a man's happiness and misery, whether a prince or a peasant is a constant "K" Only you

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