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must evaluate correctly. So why worry?" He was impressed. The fact is even the cultured among us do not know what we want and we want what we can't get. Once I was speaking about the unity of Science and religion and life, that the qualities required to succeed in one are the same as in others viz,, adherence to truth, dedication, hard work and so on. The next morning one Maj sahasrabudha rang me up and said "swami saab, I heard you yesterday and spent a sleepless night trying to concile what you said with the actual state of affairs. Now, you must clear my doubts. Shall I come? Or will you come down to my office? I said I would though I had not bargained for such a contingency and drove up. He straight away asked me why is it that a person like him following the principles I held as necessary and devoted to God, doing pothi daily reading gnaneswari did not succeed in life whereas a patent black-guard achieved success?" I asked him "whether he was thinking of someone who by foul means had superseded him and become a Col. or a brigadier while he sticking to principles was left behind and stuck up. He said it was exactly so, Then I said, "let us define success. Does it mean more money, a higher position, a bigger show etc. or does it include the blessings of life like domestic felicity, a devoted wife, dutiful children, a sense of achievement, approval of the conscience without the need to summon defence witnesses, ability to lay down the head on the pillow and fall into innocent sleep etc? How do you know that the other chap has peace at home or has to seek the bottle to drown his unhappiness? Maj" Sahasrabuddha stopped me and said, "Swami saab, you have cleared my doubts, thank you."

My own belief is we want Abhayam freedom from fear-fear of health, wealth, the future, dangers and perils. "There will be no want in the house of -my devotees," said Baba. And He fulfills it. "Think of me wherever you are and whatever you do", He said. To a devotee who was going to answer calls of nature in the dark of night, you see in those days Shirdi was infested with snakes, fear not I am there where you go to ease yourself. Such all-round assurance does infuse Abhayam in the devotee's heart.

So many incarnations have come on this earth in different climes and times each fulfilling in His own way man's needs. But none tried to denigrate

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