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My heart was too full for it, too. There was 'peace that passeth understanding'.

As I stepped into the house, my son opened his eyes and said "Father, I am thirsty. Give me some water."

The humanly impossible had come to pass!

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai – Grace be to all


" When truth is stranger than fiction"

- The Upanishads

Yes, Baba came, dined and conversed with me (Twenty six years after His Maha Samadhi)

It was about noon and Thursday too By force of habit, I looked towards the gate for some Fakir or Sadhu who might turn up for biksha. Ever since the advent of Baba into my life two years previously in '42 through the sacred contact of His Holiness Swami Kesavaiah, I had come to observe Thursday as Baba's day. You see, it was through swamiji's initiation into devotion to Baba and doing His 'Nnamasmaranam' that I was reclaimed from imminent death. On further being advised to fast every Thursday night for nine months and gave my meal to the first Fakir that might turn up, (which I accordingly did) I was gradually restored to health. Since then, I had made it a rule to feed a Fakir before taking the noon meal on Thursdays.

But this Thursday was unique, a red-letter day in a long life of sojourns on earth (punarapi jananam punarapi maranam) a culmination of persistent 'tapasya' through recurrent janma of some one in the family, in all probability my wife, or one of the children or may be my own imperfect self for his'Saakshaatkaara. For, to my utter surprise and astonishment, Baba Himself with His beatific smile was entering front enclosure! He was in same Bikshapathi pose as He manifested Himself the previous day as 'Mrutyanjaya to revive my dead son, almost within a split second of my denying His divinity and declaring Him to be a false deity! I eagerly hastened up to Him. After welcoming Him with all my heart, I begged Him to condescend to stay for food. He asked me with a twinkle in His eyes whether there was anything special that day, I said that it being a Thursday, it was our

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