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custom to offer food to a Fakir before our noon-meal. With the faintest flicker of a smile at the corners of His lips He wondered whether I would do so on Thursdays only.

Being rather academic and literal in my ways, I replied, rather obtusely, that it was so. I am not ashamed to confess that it look years for me, chewing the cud of it off and on, to sense the gentle admonition enshrined in His benevolent query, as if half in jest and half in earnest, 'Why not daily', and begin doing so.

Be that as it may, I offered him a seat and ran inside with the glad tidings of Baba's visit and His gracious condescension to have food at our humble adobe. I beseeched my wife to round off the cooking forthwith and start serving the food, since 'Athithi's, especially holy ones, should not be made to wait unduly (Athidhi Devo Bhava) and, all the more so, because it was BABA HIMSELF How can one describe the signal good fortune so divinely bestowed upon my wife, Kamala, of personally serving food cooked by her to the Master of all CREATION (as described my Meherbaba) except to say that it is the cumulative fulfilment of all the good deeds of all her previous 'janmas at ONE STROKE! The whole beauty of it lay in the fact that she did not as a matter of course, characteristic of a 'gruha dharmini' fulfilling her obligation and to at this day not at all conscious of that greatest good furtune that can ever accrue to her. That is, indeed, as it be for "there is no vanity so damaging to one's character as pride over one's good deeds". 'SUCH are the chosen of God, the humble and the good at heart who it is that "inherit the kingdom of Heaven".

As Baba was graciously taking the meal, I put Him the stupidest of questions! I had the foolish temerity to ask Him where exactly at Vizianagaram (he was staying) This episode took place at Vizianagaram in Visakhapatnam dist. In March, 1944) imagine asking Him who had repeatedly given proof of His EXISTENCE at different places to different persons at one and the same time both during His incarnate stay at Shirdi as well as after His Mahaa Samdhi, either in a clearly recognisable manner of incognito, to be recognised, later on, both subjectively as well as by cumulative evidence, as none other than Baba Himself.

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