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(with apologies to Robert Southey for changing 'them' into Him)

In the spiritual sense, there is no alternative to being prepared, to be passive, naked and unashamed! The beauty is the LOVED ONE does not let it come to pass. Is this not the lesson to be learnt from the wonderful manner in which He saved Draupadi's threatened nakedness? "Even as obedience to an earthly ruler makes life under it easier, mute and humble submission to the Divine will makes life on earth easier".

However, all this wisdom was yet a long way off. For the time being, I could not free myself from a nagging doubt that the boy might for ever be condemned to a silent existence. But my wife had no qualms at all about his being able to speak in God's own good time. With a woman's instinct, she knew this in her heart. I now realise that I was like a forward child crying 'mother, mother' while being in her lap all the time! I was yet to be familiarised to Baba's wonderful' 'Sutradhaari' ways; yet to learn to be content to remain wherever and in whatever capacity or circumstances He chooses to place me; yet to appreciate that what is, is the best; that, in His infinite Wisdom as the Great mathematician, He sees to it that the sum total of a person's happiness and misery is always 'K' (a constant) whether a saint of a sinner; a nawab or a fakir; man, woman or child; yea, any living creature for that matter!

Now, to hark back to the scene to see how Baba in inscrutable Wisdom designed to convert the gloom of despair into the bloom of hope-fulfilled. As my son was entering his sixth year, we were shifting to a different house,  now he had become like the favourite lamb of the shepherd perched on his shoulder. Holding him by my left and with Baba's portrait in my right, as I was setting my

foot on the first step, Baba alone knows from where, a black. dog appeared, and, coming close, licked him. It occurred to my mind later that a black dog has been instrumental in one of Baba's Leelas. In my eagerness and anxiety to pacify hjm lost sight of the fact that he had spoken! The others were somewhat behind me. Presently, when all of us were in, as is our custom on entering a house for residence for the first time, we offered freshly boiled milk with sugar to Baba and worshipped Him. As soon as we had partaken the 'Prasaadam', wonder of

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