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wonders! The boy began to speak, the words tumbling out of his mouth, vying with one another WORDS! Oh, how they came; brothers and sisters, nephew and nieces, uncles and aunts, even distant cousins, in truth the whole tribe of them came, thus constituting in the course of an hour the full vocabulary of a normal five year old boy, flabbergasting all of us, making us astonished and delighted by turns! Then, all at once, I felt the full impact of Baba's incredible 'Leela'. It was too great for words. I could only "Let my blood speak in my veins".

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba - Grace be to all


" When truth is stranger than fiction"

The Upanishad

"Ask, it shall be given."

- The Bible

During the Second World War, I was employed as a Civilian Office Supervisor in the" Embarkation Headquarters Vishakapatnam through which all the requirements of war against Japan were being routed. This was the first time I had ever worked for the army or the Government for that matter having been in private employment till then. Hence, I had often to bungle through to success, 'heart within and God overhead/ We worked under the strictest discipline I had even known. Even minor mistakes attracted immediate and summary punishment. It was in this context that I once found myself in a highly embarrassing position. It came about as under:

A British Military Officer and I were in charge of disbursement of pay to the soldiers and sepoys (as Jawans were then called) According to the rules, soon after the payments are made, the O.C.'s counter signature should be obtained and the ledger posted up. However, on the first of a certain- month, it was so late in the evening by the time payments were made that I postponed the work of getting the pay rolls countersigned and posted to the next day and went.home. I had no qualms about the safety of the document, since it was a war-time military establishment, everything under lock and seal with sentries pacing up and down round the clock. However, imagine my shock and surprise the next morning

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