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Ever since Shri Shirdi Baba entered into the Matrix of his life, his entire life pattern, in fact, that of his entire family has been totally transformed and attuned to the divine grace, guidance and worship of the Avathar who incarnated himself on earth for the benefit of the humanity.

Dr. R S. Ramaswami, in fact, was one of the earliest to introduce to the innocent rural folk in the far off areas and interior villages of Vizag Dist in the early forties, the Bhakti cult of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba disclosing the thrilling experiences of earnest devotees, the manifestation of the divine miracles and glory of Shri Shirdi Avathar. Ever since Dr. Swami discended on the tiny village of Dharmavaram, leaving the shores of Vizag during second world war period when it became vulnerable for areal attack of axes powers particularly after bombardment of Pearl Harbour, some young students who gathered Ground this eminent scholar and linguist in their quest for knowledge, enlightenment and inspiration, were soon inducted into spirituality while rendering innocent services of gathering flowers in worshipful reverence to Shri Shirdi Baba unmindful of the long distance traversed by them in search of abundant fragrant flowers with their tutor and teacher Sri Ramaswami who was always engaged in elaborate worship of Baba especiallly on every Thursday. I vividly recollect the illuminating and inspiring worship at his residence when Dr. Swami was totally immersed and absorbed in the ritual completely oblivious of his surroundings and the world around him. It was in fact an emotional and prayerful surrender to the Lord by establishing direct communion with Him, It was a common sight that heart rendering crystal clear tears rolled down on his cheeks profusely proclaiming the- inner purity and sanctity achieved by him while imploring his Divine Master.

Any casual observer could easily discern that Dr. Swami was always engaged in an unending Namasmaran which practically has become his second nature. Chanting of the divine name internally and involuntarily and unceasingly as in the case of inhalation and exhalation, it appeared to us that even if his life's breath stops, the vibrations reverberations of his soulful chanting of the

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