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They should be the rules of life. Baba sees to it that it is so if one avoids trying to deceive oneself and Him into the bargain.

Further, this would not be the first time when an unreserved confession of truth had steered me clear through "the sharks and shoals" of life's ocean. So, nerving myself up and invoking Baba's grace for my aid, I went and knocked for

permission to enter. I went in begging to, be excused for the breach of decorum in thus intruding but nevertheless requesting to be heard. Surprise and annoyance writ large his face, the officer from the NHQ demanded to know what the dickens I meant. I said the statement I wished to make would explain everything. I could see he was arresting his inclination to tell me to get out and asked with obvious jmpatience, "Yes, what, do you wish to say?" "Just one thing

sir. I said, "and that is, the responsibility for this unfortunate state of affairs is primarily if not solely mine. Hence, it is I that should take the choking".

This momentarily nonplussed him. Presenlty he asked me authoritatively, "Who is running the show here, Rodney or you?'.

"No doubt, he runs the show, sir, "I replied," but may I point out that situation de facto is that he has to take my word for granted for the purpose. This is the first occasion when he has had to regret it."

The officer's mood suddenly changed, he seemed a bit overwhelmed by the unexpected turn things were taking. He calmed down, rang for a chair and asked me to sit down.

"Now that you own up responsibility for the sorry mess", he continued, "will you please say how it.happened and why?"

"Pure ignorance, sir," I said. "That I can see what a blithering idiot I was, though I acted in good faith. However, I arn not asking for any leniency. I plead guilty to the charge if what is tantamount to criminal negligence1'.

Silence reigned in the room for a minute or so. Collecting himself, the officer exclaimed, "Well, I don't know what to do with you, Mr, Ramaswami! You have so frankly owned up the error for which you alone are not responsible. That calls for the frankness on my part too. I myself was guilty of having committed such blunders when young. "Then, turning to my boss, he continued, "The

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