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only thing to do now is to forget the whole affair. A few lakhs are nothing to he government. We need honesty. I shall recommend for the loss to be written-off".

"You can go, Mr, Ramaswami, thank you." He concluded.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I realised the full significance of the dramatic manner in which acting in a split second as He always does, Baba had turned the tables to retrieve my position.

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai - Grace be to all


" A breath can make them, as a breath has made"

- Goldsmith

How my tense confession and readiness to take the whole blame upon me for the technical blunder jointly committed by my boss Lt.Cdr.Todd and myself won for me the spontaneous approbation of Cdr Rao has been narrated in a previous article. More pleasant surprises yet were to follow. After the visitor had left, my boss called me and said with feeling that I need not have taken the full brunt upon me. I replied that it would be less than honest if I had not. However, the reason for calling me was different. It was to tell me that Cdr. MRA Rao, (who had visited us) was greatly impressed with me and would like to take me on this staff on promotion., if I could be spared. He was however, informed that this matter should be put up to me since nothing could be anticipated about my action. The fact was I had willy-nilly establisghed a reputation for having my own way by first refusing to be deputed to the U.K. and later turning down an offer of promotion elsewhere.

Before long, the Cdr. paid an unscheduled visit to our unit and was to leave the next day. no reference was made to my intended promotion. At about seven next morning as I was scurrying to get ready, there was a knock, Imagine my surprise and embarrassment for being dishevelled when contrary to all expectations, I found the Cdr. In full Navy-blue uniform with golden strips denoting his rank on the shoulders and around the sleeves standing full six feet murmuring an apology. Welcoming him in, I hurriedly dressed myself and came with coffee for both. It was December,1956. We were standing in the front room

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