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before Baba's portrait in standing posture with the 'biksha-patra' (in which pose

he appeared to revive my dead son and accept 'biksha') Broaching the subject in a gingerly manner, he said he had not actually planned the visit but came on an impulse to talk in private on a personal matter concerning me in which he too was interested. Incidentally, he wondered how I managed to carry on without a scooter. If I liked, he would see I got one alloted from the defence quota on priority basis and sanction the necessary loan for it too, a coveted possessionin the '50s. I realised how when Baba wants to give, He does so with many hands from many unknown channels. At the same time there rang a bell in my mind reminding me this could be Baba's subtle method of testing me. Also, I am by nature averse to sudden luck out of tune with my standards. I just thanked him and said I was born to be a plebeian and pedestrian. Reverting to the purpose of his visit, he said it was to know my reaction to his proposal to take me on his staff on promotion in the Senior inspectorate of Naval Armaments, Cossipore, Calcutta. I was overwhelmed by the gesture and the realisation that Baba was behind it all. It was extraordinary that a high ranking officer elects to go and see quite a junior member of the service to ascertain his action about something of positive benefit to the latter. It would be too good to be true, were it not for Baba again and again making the incredible come to pass. It is these thoughts that overwhelmed me and tears began running down my cheeks. Of course, I must confess that my attitude to life is feminine besides.

The officer was taken aback. "I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings, Mr. Ramaswami", he said with obvious concern, adding "don't you want promotion?"

"No sir, you have not hurt me. I am overwhelmed by your gesture and the infinite mercy of Baba," I replied "As regards my wanting promotion or anything else for that matter, I really don't know what I want. It is upto Baba to give me what he deems fit. Hence, I would rather don't like you to go out of the way to-do me a good turn. I don't wish to be the cause of some one else thus losing his change either." Baba generally enables me to decide on intuition in such circumstances. I also felt that Calcutta was not for me, promotion or no promotion.

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