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"It would not be like that," he rejoined. "The reason why I wish to have your consent in advance is to enable me to fix up a bungalow for you. You know how difficult it's to get a good accommodation." "I beg of you to leave things as they are," I said. The reason is my conviction born of firm faith in Baba and sustained by continuous experience that he is ever watchful of my needs and know WHEN as well as WHAT to give. What is due to me, no power on earth can hold back. All I need to have is patience. I am quite content to remain where and what I am according to His will".

It was the officer's turn now to be overwhelmed. Taking my hands in his and speaking with feeling and a new born conviction, as it were, he said, "I think you are right. Let us leave it to your Baba to decide. I thought I had known you for what you are. But I now see I was wrong. I am just beginning to know you. I only wish I had your attitude to life. You don't know how miserable I am, Mr. Ramaswami", and stopped, overcome with emotion.

Forgetting the wide gulf separating our ranks not only officially but socially too, (for I had come to know he was a scion of Serboji Maharajah of Thanjavur) I hugged him, throwing discretion to the winds and drawn to him by sheer brotherly love and sympathy. He had wealth, rank and position and yet happiness eluded him. I had heard he was involved in legal proceedings for separation from his English wife whom hehad married in England nor was he left at peace in the

service by jealous superiors determined to score him off. Such is life that we have to learn to be happy by counting our own blessings vouchsafed to us by Baba. My heart went out to him and I made bold to say, "Sir, I feel that from today Baba has come into your life. Please, do learn to have faith in Him and let Him take over your burdens. All will be well". Being much older, I blessed him heartily. He thanked me with feeling and rather startled me by saying he would soon be leaving the Navy and that was the reason why he wanted to ensure my promotion in good time. However, he had no qualms about it now, with Baba to look after me. As for me I was least concerned about it. My heart sang Baba's praise for bringing me close to a person worth his weight in gold. Before taking leave, he very considerately added, "I shall be in touch with you.

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