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was permeated with soothing coolness. My astonishment when I opened my eyes to see the sky overcast with clouds and a gentle life-giving drizzle being wafted down. There was ozone in the air. I craned my neck outside the window to gulp it and let Nautre's (Dwaraka Mayi's) own cool spray soothe my nerves.

I turned to the only fellow-passenger in the first class compartment and queried whether he hailed from Gondia, to which he replied in the affirmative, adding he had been residing at the place since over twenty years, engaged in business. I then enquired with some trepidation of a doubting Thomas, whether he could recollect such a phenomenon about this time in May. He asserted with conviction. "Never has such a thing occurred during the two decades of my stay here. This is quite strange". Then I felt certain of Baba's reassurance of which, being feminine in my attitude to life, I was (as I am still) in constant need, in spite of past demonstrations therof.

The climate of Jabalpur is, certainly, one of extremes, the brunt of which was keenly felt by a valetudinarion like me from the sea-coast. The ordeal of confronting the fierce heat of the Summer of 1960 was all the more exhausting since if followed a major surgery I had undergone not long before. Though not fully recovered, I had, perforce to be in my seat and hold the fort due to official exigencies, contrary to my habit of going on leave for the peak of the season every year. At this time we were temporarily accommodated in a building where the toilet room was isolated and a bit far. On the particular day in question the temperature had suddenly shot up. It was so scorching-hot outside the air-conditioned office, that I peeped out many times and retracted.

However, as I am accustomed to do when desperate, I mentally handed myself over to Baba to do with me as He and ventured out. Imagine my surprise, astonishment and wonder, all rolled into one, to find all the glare and searing heat gone, the sun hidden by soft, grey clouds so pleasing the eye, and cool balmy breeze so refreshing to the nerves went and stood in the open letting the honey-heavy drops from heaven fall gently over my head and face making my heart leap and sing the glory of the Ail Merciful Baba, alert at all times to the rescue of His devotees in distress.

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