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his advent into my life in 1942, 1 had no chance to visit Shirdi. Nevertheless, I believed in every word of His, as recorded by H.H. Narsimha Swamiji, that He is with us at all times wherever we may be and whatever we may be doing. This belief became a certainty, when in March '44, He manifested Himself with the biksha-patra, took biksha and brought my firstborn son back to life, So, for us Dwaraka Maayi where we were and continues to be so.

As far as our visiting Shirdi is concerned, it is entirely n His hands, notwithstanding all our effort or none for that Jitter. Thus, an amount I had set aside to cover the intended roily-trip to Shirdi found its way to other uses, and now withhout the least effort, He was bringing about my visit. This was borne out by the fact that none was deputed from the Navy for the future courses. When this realisation dawned upon my mind, I forthwith backed out of my earlier stand and expressed my willingnes to go to Kirkee. I confessed I was keen because of the Shirdi visit rather than the course which somewhat annoyed my boss. So, I went. Candidates from different establishments and disciplines, not a few of them quite brilliant, had come. Diwali was approaching, and I decided to utilise the two holidays for the Shirdi visit. One day, as was my habit, I was telling some of my colleagues about the Infinite Benevolence of Baba in granting the wishes of any one approaching Him. Two of them, specialised in metallurgy, named Sri Soni and Sri Choudhary, hailing from Kanpur and Katni, respectively, asked me whether I meant what I said without exaggeration. On my categorical assertion that I did, they believed me and agreed to accompany me to Shirdi. The former, and the younger of the two, wanted that he should marry the girl he loved greatly. The latter's wife was long overdue for her delivery, and he was feeling restless on this account. I had no hesitation in assuring them that they could rest assured of favourable and good news awaiting them on our return. They were impressed, and we three reached the sacred place at about 7.00 pm on the Diwali day, 1955.

The place was literally jam-packed with pilgrims - men, women and children - obliged here and there to camp on the roadside. The dormitories and some of the present buildings were yet to come up. However, on my explaning to

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