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parents ratifying the match of his own choice!

Note : Sri Soni later joined the Bhilai Steel Plant, was deputed to Russia for training and attained high status, while Sri Choudhary joined the I.A.F as Technical Adviser (Metals).

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai - Grace be to all


"I will  not let my devotees to come to harm........And, if a devotee is about to fall, I stretch out my hands to support him, and thus with four, (i.e. a number of) outstretched hands at a time save him"

- Baba's Charters & sayings, edited by H.H.B.V.Narsimha Swami

The above charter of Baba granted for all time by Him during His Incarnate stay at shirdi is continuing to find fulfillment both materially and spiritually. Two instances of how. He averted imminent danger to life are being narrated here. Sometime during 1978, I developed what is known as periartharitis in my right shoulder-join for which there is no cure in allopathy. One afflicted with it, cannot move the affected limb beyond a limited latitude without being subjected to excruciating pain. The only treatment to be had is physiotherapy which, for this particular ailment, at any rate, happens to be an euphemism for third degree torture as far as the patient is concerned! for example, in a case like mine involving the arm, one exercise is for the person concerned to rotate a big wheel hinged to a pinion with a handle and fixed vertically above shoulder-level, which can be done only by stretching up the arm fully for every revolution, bringing tears to the eyes for sheer pain. I underwent this gruelling ordeal for over a month withuot any improvement. During this period, I had to commute to and from the hospital by bus almost always overcrowded. One day, while getting out, rather being squeezed out, as it were, through the human mass blocking the way and °verflowing the entrance, I was swept back by the in rushing mass just as I was stepping out but before my feet could touch the ground. The result was that I found myself wedgedin mid-air, my hands stuck,to my sides, in the midst of bunch of men on the footboard on one

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