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side and those desperately hanging on to whatever thy could hold on to precariously on the other. I had  nothing to hold on to nor foothold! I was in such a fright as one caught between receding and onrushing waves. Now, the bus began to move. Any one around me moving forward or back would have spelt my doom by forcing me to drop down and be injured seriously if not fatally.

I was reminded of David Livingstone describing his feelings when he was caught in the jaws of a lion in Africa. He knew what was happening, but "Nature, a mother kind alike to all" had numbed his senses, like the spinal anesthesia before a surgical operation. My condition was similar. Then the miracle happened. A hand from outside, forcing its way through the surrounding mass of human sardines, dragged me out forcefully. I staggered on to the ground half-dazed. I found my saviour to be a young man. Before I could collect my senses to thank him for saving me from the impending danger, he had disappeared in the moving crowd making my search futile. I have no doubt that it was Baba incognito. Who else could have seen through the human wall and so unerringly caught hold of my arm and pulled out in a split second before it was too late!

I decided that I had had enough of this treatment which was proving worse than the endurance of the trouble.

Impelled by Baba, I am sure, I resorted to hot fomentation with salt crystals and the use of Udhi with progressive improvement leading to cure. In retrospect, I have no doubt in my mind that, through such varied and intensive suffering, Baba made me expiate for my 'Runaanubandha' to grant redress when I had thus paid for it. Even then it was a rare blessing, because I know many persons having to carry the cross of this afflication for life.

The second instance is this. After getting into a bus in the city to reach our area, I learnt it was a wrong one. My wife was with me. Immediately, I asked her to get down and followed close behind. As she put one foot down, the bus began to move. I did the stupidest of things in the circumstances. I gently pushed her as if pushing her to her doom. She tattered, and would have fallen headlong but for a good Samaritan, I saw close-by who caught her arm and held it till she steadied herself, and went away. Meanwhile some one shouted to the driver to stop, and I

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