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too got down. My wife was quite shaken. While feeling grateful to Baba for having averted a great danger, I told her what I saw and said, "Thank Baba for sending a person in the nick of time to save you from a fall". "There was none by my side to help me", exclaimed my wife, somewhat mystified, adding, "I didn't see anyone, nor feel someone holding me by the arm!" It was my turn to be mystified, because it was so clear to me that some one did stand there gripping her arm and preventing her fall. Who else could it be but Baba Himself, the Bhakta Paraadina in the form of a stranger!

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai - Grace be to all


"Too many a gem of purest ray serene the dark .    unfathomed caves of ocean bear"

- Thomas Gray

Among the less known a postles of Baba but by no means the least important was Shri R. Narayana Swamy Konar of Shri Sai Baba Darbar, Wright Town, Jabalpur. He had been a devotee of Baba for pretty long. However, the manner in which he came to be known to the general public as a blessed devotee of Baba is itself a leela through which as a first step Baba's divinity came to be realised in these parts of the country.

Shri Konar was employed as Train Examiner in the S.E.Rly. at Howbagh, Jabalpur. One of the conditions of his service was a compulsory medical examination every year to determine physical fitness, especially the eye-sight. In the winter of 1954, he appeared as usual before the medical board. When his papers reached the office, it was found that he had failed in the eye-test. He came to know of it through friends. It so happened that the date coincided with the scheduled date for his annual pilgrimage to Shirdi. He had concluded that in any case, his services would be terminated on medical grounds and he would be pensioned off. So, without waiting for official intimation and obtaining leave either, he went away to Shirdi.

When Shri Konar was away, there was a flutter in the office. In the first place, his boss was annoyed at the casual fanner of his taking law into his

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