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own hands and absenting himself as well as leaving the station on his own. This was strange in the case of a man known for his meticulous adherence to rules. Now this breach would mean a break in the service and would adversely affect his pension and other benefits later on when he would be retiring in due course. Such were the officer's remarks. Then some one close to him observed that the question did not arise, that for all practical purposes, Shri Konar could be considered to have retired from the date of the medical examination which had gone against him and his present breach was purely technical not worth taking not of "What the hell are you talking about?" flared up the officer. "Whoever told you that the medical examination had gone against him? I have before me his category 'A' report and as far as I know Konar is good enough to go on at least for a year more; find out if he has returned and send for him." The clerck concerned and the few officials in the know of things were mystified and could not believe there eyes. The most surprised was Shri Konar himself on being told that he was placed in category 'A' by the Medical board. Now, it dawned upon his mind that it was a clear case of Baba's Leela and that He had fulfilled Himself according to the sloka.

(He makes the blind see and fools wise)

The officer was kind enough to Shri Konar and asked him to put up his application for leave for ex-post facto sanction, and put an end to the whole affair.

This was a turning point in Shri Konar's life. From then onwards, he not only became a magnet of Baba for attracting an ever-increasing number of devotees of all ages and religions but also His instrument for achieving many miraculous results in the lives of those who sought his help-It was for getting cured of bodily and mental ills, for success in examination and interviews, for promotions, for redress from evil spirits, for children for success in matrimonial affairs, etc. Here, one remarkable thing sould be noted. Guruji, as Shri Konar came to be known.to one and all (some even called him Narayana Baba) continued to possess the clarity Of vision of category 'A till the last and never used glasses. He only put a few drops of the 'abhisheka theertham' in his eyes

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