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cultural programmes and bhajans by various groups. The main day's procession with band and fireworks, covered a longer route along main roads, and took 5-6 hours to return to the darbar. On the final day, virgins were fed on a mass scale and prasadam distributed to the assembled devotees bringing the celebrations to a happy end.

The Mahasamadhi day's puja, a whole-night function, also attracted a good number of devotees elicting from them a generous response in terms of service and contributions. Both the festivals were managed by a Committee of responsible men freshly chosen every time. Guruji made it a Point not to handle the cash collections personally. He also repeatedly turned requests for creating a kind of trust with monthly contributions of members on the ground that jt would inevitably lead to corruption of some kind and would detract from the dedicated approach currently obtaining. As already indicated, he meticulously forbade the touching of his feet except by a select band of young devotees (of transparent sincerity).

At the first meeting, Guruji gave the impression of being quite on ordinary man not worth fussing about. I have the feeling that he consciously took pains to go unnoticed, as it were. I myself must plead guilty to the charge of thought like that in the beginning. Only to those who sought him out, attached themselves to him and believed in him did he come to be known by occasional flashes as a chosen agent of Baba. Indeed, as will be seen from examples to be set forth by and by, he communed with Baba and words emanating from his lips especially at 'aarti' time had the sanction of Baba and found fulfilment. In other words, he was gifted with Vaak Suddhi' and Baba evidently heard his prayers of intercession on behalf of those in trouble of any kind. He asked such persons to write out their request/ailment on slips of paper which he placed before Baba where they remained till he deemed it necessary. For each of them he lighted an agarbothi daily and prayed. In specific cases like an examination, interview, courtcase or surgery where obviously there was Baba's sanction he offered special prayer for success by burning agarbathie's continuously for the duration of each as notified in advance. With all his child like simplicity he was nobody's

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