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darbar to seek Guruji's approval for or against doing so.

It so happened that Guruji was about to offer the noon 'aarti' to Baba, when this gentleman reached the darbar. Greatly perturbed and in an excited tone he wished to know whether he should give his consent for the operation or fetch his wife way back home for delivery. At least that is what he later claimed to have said. It was not known what exactly Guruji had heard him say. The conversation was in Marathi which Guruji spoke besides Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi. He said, "Do so" (Asankra) and went on with the 'aarti'. The husband, however, felt convinced that it was a reply to the latter part of his question and meant he should fetch his home.

The greatly relieved husband sped back like an arrow to the hospital and without even as much as a by your leave' to the doctor or nurse began escorting his wife out of the ward to the waiting rickshaw outside. Prof. Mrs. Dave, the gynaecologist, was informed and came hurrying to the ward to warn the man in no uncertain terms the grave risk, may be death en route, to which he was exposing his wife by this fool hardiness. But no, nothing would deter him. Guruji had spoken his approval. Hence, there was no fear. Rather he was happy that the danger of the cursed operation was warded off. The lady too was no less happy. Such was their FAITH in Guruji. "FAITH" as St. Augustine said, "is to believe what you do no see, and the reward of that faith is to see what you believe."

In this new found joy, the couple reached home safely and the lady already suffering from the pains of labour was put to bed. Even before any mid-wife could be called, rather without any need for it, she delivered without much trouble a healthy baby. The Master obstetrician had seen to it! Glory be to Baba's name! To Sai Nama Mahima!

Glory be to Shri Shirdi Sai- Grace be to all


" More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of "

- Tennyson

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