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discharge". This was another surprise, because so far I had not seen him using any medicine. He only used to put a few drops of 'abhisheka-theerthom' in the ear. I did accordingly without further thought. Now I realise it was a kind of symbolic imitation for me as homoeopath. As Robert Oppenheimer, the associate of Albert Einstein, says, "symbolism is more real than fact, especially in religious and spiritual matters".

Now, I followed Guruji to see Patil. He was practically in moblised who lay still in bed. I was feeling my hollowness as a doctor. I was, however, sustained by the belief that 'God cures and the doctor takes the credit'. I prescribed a daily dose of Kali Phos 200x and came home after seeing Guruji off to the Darbar. My thought were on Shri Patil almost on end. Yet, I did not pick up enough courage to go and see him for three days. There was a sneaking fear he might be worse. But, what was I to say if Guruji wished to know how the patient was progressing. This thought alone dragged me to Shri Patils house on the morning of the fourth day. As with trepidation I entered the room where I expected to see him lying motionless in bed, I was shocked with astonishment at what I saw. The gentleman, supporting and propelling himself with both the hands resting against the wall, was slowly perambulating around. I stood speechless wondering whether to believe my eyes. Truth, indeed, was proving stranger than fiction. When he turned round and saw me, he burst out sobbing with tears streaming down his cheeks and uttering incoherently, "Baba, Baba, you have come, you have saved me Baba," and so on. Swami Vivekananda said that, to a hungry man, God has to come in the from of bread (Annam Brahma) . Similarly, in retrospect, it strikes me that Shri Patil saw Baba in me, his doctor, for the nonce. The Master Physician had taken over! The veil over my eyes, so to say, as far as my poor understanding and appreciation of Guruji's 'at-one-ment' with Baba was concerned, was removed in a trice. I also came to see clearly that, with Baba as my Sheet-Anchor and Guruji as pilot, I could boldly venture ahead in the practice of Homoeopathy, which accordingly I did, and, in spite of myself, was enabled to produce many miracle cures. On Guruji's advice, I applied for registration, which I was granted on the basis of age and proven

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