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Dr. Puvanur Swami Ramaswami (popularly known as Dr RS.R- Swami and Dr. Swami), a person with unassuming personality and great intellectual capabilities was an ardent devotee of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. He was born on 15-07-1905 at Puvanur Village of the then Tamil Nadu State and was the son of Sri Swami Sarma and the grandson of his great grandfather (maternal) Sri Kondala Rao Garu, great in character, devotion, learning and ancestry (especially devotion). His father acquired the honorofic prefix of Sivapriya Kondala Rao, (Every day at the time of puja a sacred snake used to come to partake in the worship and drink the 'abhisheka tirtham', hit the ground with the out spread hood thrice and go.) It is a story by itself.

Shri Konda'a Rao Garu was a great official who drew three pensions from two States and the British Government Extraordinary! In a humble way, Dr. Swami was endowed with some of his intellect and reputation having stayed with him due to his good fortune and God's grace. As a village school-boy of 7 or 8 years, left more or less to himself with occasional coaching at home, more punishment than learning which was the rule in those days. He laid the foundation of Dr. Swami's real knowledge on which he could build later on. He owed the foundation of his erudition to his grandfather. Dr. Swami was an apt pupil of his age group -something of an EkaSanthagrahi. (still so even when he was in his seventies!) He could still repeat the lessons in general knowledge, pedda Balasiksha, Bala Ramayanam, Amara Kosam and so on. After all his grand father taught him hardly about half-an-hour daily. But being with him and deriving the inspiration was the main thing. Stephen Leacock has written humorously that dons at Oxford do little teaching to their students but only sit before them and go on puffing away smoke from their pipes at them. Yet, the

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