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One day in the preceding September, Mr. Gupta dreamt that while he was on his_way to the office, his scooter skidded near the railway station and he fell down. However, it was out of his mind in the morning. Strange to say, as he was going to the office, at the exact spot indicated in the dream, the scooter skidded throwing him down, though there was no injury as a result. He took it in the stride and soon had no thought for it. Exactly three months later, he dreamt that as he was driving his car and nearing the station, at the selfsame spot where the scooter had skidded, the car turned turtle throwing him off. In the process, his right forearm was fractured and tongue cut and bleeding. Imagine his shock and utter fright on waking to find that the fore-arm was actually fractured causing terrible pain and the tongue half severed and bleeding partly drenching the bed sheet. He was taken to the hospital where the fracture was set and the tongue stitched, and he became all right physically but developed psycho-somatic troubles, for curing which he was advised to go to the A.I.I.M.S. Delhi for psychiatric therapy. Accordingly the gentleman proceeded on leave and, on his way to Delhi visited his native village in U.P where his father, after consulting his friend, a Hanuman devotee, advised his son to go back to Gwalior, saying that he would meet a person by March and, with his help, become all right. Now, we were in the threshold of March, and my being a homoeopath rang a bell for him. he earnestly beseeched me to come to his rescue.

So far, so good. But I told Mr. Gupta frankly that I must feel subjectively I had the sanction for doing so. I, therefore advised him to write to Guruji, Shri R. Narayanaswamy Konar of Shri Sai Baba Durbar, Jabalpur, who it was that had launched me into homoeopathy and whose anticipatory blessings I always sought before beginning to treat such baffling ailments. He did so. It so happened that Guruji was away on a protected tour, and it was not till the end of April that a reply came telling him to go ahead with my treatment, and that, by Baba's grace, he would be cured.

Now, I know that I would be instrumental in bringing about a miracle-cure as had been achieved on previous occasions through the twin blessings of Gurukataksham and Baba's grace before which no illness or evil force can ever

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