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9.   Perfect yourself so that you may aid others to perfect themselves

- Buddha

10. Build the mansion of life on truth, morality, peace and love



Some resonant thoughts of (Late) Dr. P.S.R. Swami on positive living

1.   "In life almost everything marriage, happiness, worries, wealth, position etc is prarabda, though in our ignorance we blame fate or others."

2.   "No man born of woman is free from sufferings. It is an attitude of the mind that makes the difference."

3.   "How I have been austained amidst the worries and upsets by constantly bringing to my mind a universal truth viz. The happiness and misery of any person is equal to  ‘K' i.e. constant. It is 'K' for a beggar or a prince. Only we do not know how to evaluate the good things and adverse things in life. Since I believe in this axiom and realise its truth, I manage to reconcile myself to my lot. That is the only way; We can't go on attempting the impossible and making ourselves and others miserable."

4.   "We should remember that almost every great writer was cursed with a strife-stricken domestic back-ground or adversity and/or poor health. Socrates, Tolstly, Goldsmith, Carlyle, Hardy, keats, Byron, Oscarwild, Lincon and go on. Even on the spiritual side lack of domestic peace due to an ill-matched or termagant and shrewish wife dogged the foot-steps of many a saint. In all these cases, these draw-backs helped rather than hindered their progress. In every case, it is the will to do and achieve that mattered. It is a case of sublimation of our emotions into fruitful .channels, say like a broken-hearted lover blossoming into poetry or music. Faith and hope are the twin virtues which converts the gloom of despair into bloom of success. I think, you know that even now I am attracted to a well tuned out quotation and pay attention to correct expression. It is like humming a good tune when you hear it.

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