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A time will come when other things which cause worries now will pale into insignificance and the attempts and achievements intellectual and spiritual will enlivens the depressed spirits and add substance to an otherwise drab and empty existence."

5.   "Even as we remember to take the medicine as many times as prescribed withour fail, should we not remember to take the divine panancea for all the ills as often as we can. I knew it in theory already but as you know by now certain words and ideas acquire significance and certain truths become self evident only at a particular moment in a particular context, through a particular agent. "

6.   "Apathetic moods do not permit our normal functioning. This is nothing peculiar to any one. It is a disease of civilisation involving mental strains and stresses, prolonged office work, sedentary habits, cares and anxieties, lack of recreation etc. I have been a victim of it and learning to live with it so that it will not overwhelm. The negative consolation is that practically none leading a city life particularly, is free from it to a greater or less extent. It is only a matter of degree and quality, depending upon constitutional and environmental factors. The answer for that is

a). Dependence on God and learning to draw strength from Him, like a battery getting charged from the electric circute. In Course of time, this process becomes continuous. The need for Namasmaran, as often as we can.

b). Drawing inspiration from good books.

c). Use of select Homoeo medicines which fortunately act directly on our mind and emotions and work wonders."

7.   "With Sai grace all good will follow. What is required is FAITH which we lack in totality. But in His Infinite Mercy He accepts even a little trace of it or even an honest craving to have it. It is the motive and the will that matters."

8.  "Beauty of total faith where it is difficult to demarcate wisdom and foolishness."

9.   "Bhakti is a feminine virtue. We can have only one husband and that is BA BA, our BABA."

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