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18.     Lord is a cosmic intelligence and power - a palpable reality of entire creation - an immanent principle working behind the moving force of life and energy in and through taking different names & forms. Not any concept of mind to be limited to time, space and . objectivity with dimensions.

19.     The frame work of creation is an amalgamation of right and wrong, joy and grief, cold and warmth. It is against nature to desire, expect and accept only right and joy alone.

20.   Nature is to be analyzed as it is and accepted as it is but not to be interpreted according to tendencies for pain or pleasure. We have to learn to fit in ourselves to the grooves of cosmic set up without disturbing it and know to play our part well and quit as any other thing of this cosmos play its role.

21.     God is both maker and material as well.

22.Different Gods are but different aspects & powers of nature and expressions of one Supreme conscious reality of Lord alone.

23.     Lord is the supreme source of light of whom soul is a ray.

24.     Lord is beyond logic since logic proves, disproves not conclusive.

25.    The pinnacle of glory is at the feet of Lord only.

26.    The source and base of happiness is God alone.

27.     While body is the temple, eyes are the windows of the soul.

28.     Sky is the celestial quality (silence) of the soul.

29.     Idols represents Gods as flags represents Nations.

30.     Devotion to the Divine is the only source of knowledge to salvation.

31.      Devotion to the Divine is not a mental melody as contended by atheists.

32.     Heart will be dry without devotion.

33.     The dry land of heart   is to be reaped with rain of devotion for a happy blissful life.

34.     Bhakti   must  be   a   consistent   and   continued contemplation.

35.   Consistant and constant conviction for devotion makes possible of all impossibilities.

36.     Bhakti like clothes beautifies personality.

37.     Faith in God alone can solve perils and problems of life.

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