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wonder is Oxford produces first class men. It is the inspiration and the atmosphere provided. This is really the secret of Guru-sishya relation-ship.

He did his higher studies at St. Joseph's College of Tiruchirapalli and from Presidency College of Madras and evinced keen interest for English language and mastered it so much so that even the Britishers were impressed. Many were thrilled at his memoy for beautiful poetry. He claimed to be a miniature Chekov in reverse, being wedded to literature, wife, medicine (Homoeopahty) as his sweet - heart. Closely associated with literary and social activities. Though a valetudinarian in all his life he has been buoyed up by the company of youth all along who were drawn to him presumably by his academic approach and open-heartedness.

Dr. Swami's ancestral background and the environments in which he was born and brought up had cast him into a philosophic mould and conditioned him to believe that "there is a destiny that shapes our ends/Roughhew them how we may."

Lack of robust health was one of the drawbacks in his life that impeded him from reaching the highest peak of renowned fame and glory. Yet, he took the same as blessing in disguise because it prevented him from following "the primrose path of dalliance" and induced him to keep his head above waters and as such he was constitutionally and temperamentally inclined to remain where and what he was. Man's needs are fulfilled by different incarnations that come on this earth in different climes and times, each fulfilling in their own way. Even as obedience to an earthly ruler makes life under it easier, mute and humble submission to the Divine will makes life on earth much easier. Evidently, Baba has established that the divine blessed talent and knowledge should never be allowed to go waste in worldly materialistic atters and got it best utilised by getting a written record by Dr. Swami of all the self experienced leelas and

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