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59.     Indian culture is the product of experience of generations in the field of truth discovered by analysing the complex mass of facts and things as seen through the vision of the wise.

60.     Broader the vision greater will be the choice.

61.     Chance and choice to those who use the them best.

62.     Choice is choosing values through instinctive and intuitive steadfast mind.

63.     To choose is to commit.

64.     As is the vision so is the perception. As you sow. So you reap.

65.Right performance of today will be the best preparation for tomorrow.

66.     Perform work as fulfilment of duty with loyalty and devotion.

67.     Work well accomplished is the joy of life.


Well lived today is yesterday's dream of happiness and tomorrow's vision of hope.

69.     Vision of success without action is imagination alone?.

70.     The vision of totality is to see the infinite through finitude.

71.Success of the totality is to be pursued as against success as an individuality.

72.     As we are from totality, we are ought to be connected to Totality alone.

73.     Equanimity is the essence of perfection.

74.     A simpler way of equipoise is well balanced life in every field rather than yielding to extremes in life.

75.     Absolute evil can be counteracted by absolute good alone.

76.     Unity of goodness is the only way to combat badness.

77.     The price of greatness is responsibility.

78.     Responsibility and accountability are the two wings of freedom.

79.     Value is to be valued with valuability.

80.     Deep commitment, acceptance and Trust are part of solutions to generate ideas.

81.     A good reputation is a person's greatest wealth.

82.     A flatterer is a secret enemy.

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