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83.     While pain is inevitable misery is optional. Difficulties and disappointments are the events to maturity.

84.     To see is to know; To desire is to be able to; To dare is to have.

85.     While success is getting what we want, happiness is liking what we get.

86.     Gratitude is but heart's memory.

87.     Progress is spelt by effort and exertion alone.

88.     Right beginning with sterling rectitude is half way to victory.

89.     Secret of success is constancy in purpose with bravery and skill.

90.     Concentration is the key to accomplishment.

91.     Gates of activity are to be entered into with awareness of consciousness alone for a successful accomplishment.

92.     Fear is an acknowledgement of weakness.

93.     Courage accomplishes impossible.

94.     What cannot be excelled with talent can be triumphed with effort.

95.     Men are wise in proportion to their capacity for the experience.

96.     Deep living convictions alone rule the world.

97.     Strong convictions precede great actions.

98.     Actions are only certain aspects of a person but they themselves are not persons.

99.     Thought is the ancestor of action and action speaks louder than words.

100.Thought determines destiny.

101.   Act constitutes web of destiny.

102.Actions of today becomes destiny of tomorrow.

103.   Destiny is a matter of choice to be achieved.

104. What we are is the result of our thoughts. Today's thoughts are tomorrow's decisions.

105.   Thoughts are the living dynamic force in proportion to its intensity, depth and warmth expressed in words and deeds of great events.

106.   Efforts guided by aspirations are the warp and woof of destiny.

107.   Excuse is but a guarded lie alone.

108.   The hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray

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