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109.  Response is joy what reaction is to pain. Reaction reflects our own weaknesses.

110.  We have to respond rather than to react when situation tempts and passion blows.

111.   Five ways to respond to situation : Firm understanding, single pointedness, courage to reject/revolt, accept with love & joy, and surrender to God's will.

112.   Obstructions are but the instructions to change our way of actions. Ability is a matter of mind's imagination, thought and action alone.

113.  Cheerfulness is the sunshine of life.

114. As morning shows the day, Childhood shows the man.

115.  Child is the father of the man.

116.   The greedy are ever needy.

117.   Bribes cannot chloroform honesty into silence always. An honest man is the noblest person of God.

118.  Feel what you think. As we think, we become victims of our own thoughts.

119.   Powerful present and compelling future should make us to look at problem wisely for solutions rather than explanations.

120.   Success is a journey, not a destination for satisfaction,

121.   Economy is in itself a source of great revenue.

122.   Love, taste and anger are matters of experience rather than descriptive with human knowledge.

123.   Loosing temper on principle is preferable to passion.

124.   Evil is always tempting and fascinating.

125.   The burden of wrong and agony of grief can be reduced, however, to bliss of hope in proportion to the loyalty that man offers to sublime ideals and his efforts to put them into practice.

126.   Human life is a composite of the secular and spiritual.

127.   Spirituality does not solve your mundane problems always. But it tells you how you can live with them peacefully.

128.   Process-of purification is discipline only.

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