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Shpuza; Urban Shapes and Urban Grids: A Comparative Study of Adriatic and Ionian Coastal Cities

Shpuza, E., Peponis, J., 2005, “Floorplate Shapes and Office Layouts: A Model of the Relationship Between Shape and Circulation Integration”, A. van Nes (Ed.), Proceedings, 5th International Space Syntax Symposium, TuDelft, Techne Press, Delft, vol. 2 pp. 89-102.

Shpuza, E., Peponis, J., forthcoming, “The Effect of Floorplate Shape upon Office Layout Integration”, Environment and Planning (B): Planning and Design.

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Electronic Map Sources Cromaps, http://www.cromaps.com Hellenic Resources Network, http://www.hri.org/info/maps Google Earth Grad Split, http://www.split.hr Istra, http://www.istra.com Mapquest, http://www.mapquest.com Municipality of Argostoli, http://www.argostoli.gr/en Municipality of Nafpaktos, http://www.nafpaktos.gr Slovenian Istra, http://www.slo-istra.com Slovenia Landmarks, http://www.burger.si Tutto Cittá, http://www.tuttocitta.it Venice Xplorer, http://maps.venicexplorer.net

i. ii.

The word “city” is used to refer to both cities and towns.

Qelizë is a Java applet designed www.morphostudio.net/qelize.

for the


analysis of shapes which


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  • iii.

    The calculation of Drelative is based on the metric grid distance between two points in the shape and is measured as the ratio of the grid metric distance of the shape to the grid metric distance that would be obtained for a square of the same area. Thus, Drelative is a measure of shape compactness. The value 1 indicates a square, whereas larger values result from elongation, fragmentation and puncturing holes.

  • iv.

    Convex Fragmentation Fconvex gauges the extent to which the shape is divided into different overlapping maximal convex areas. The value 0 indicates a convex shape, whereas larger values show fragmentation in the shape due to indents, wings or holes.


The measure of Skewness gauges the sidedness or the symmetry of a distribution. It is based on the third moment about the mean.

  • vi.

    Measures of shape hulls are denoted with ().

  • vii.

    Capitalized words are used for variables. Lower case words refer to the common concept.

Proceedings, 6th International Space Syntax Symposium, stanbul, 2007

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