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The ABCs of IInternatiionall Hockey

Another consideration is the loose puck situation or transitions from defense to offense. The drills progress to going on defense after losing the puck, and going on offense after regaining puck possession. These games have natural transition situations which are hard to duplicate using drills.

We try to use common sense. When the great athletes of another era learned to play by scrimmaging for hours they were not wasting time. The NBA gets its great basketball players from the big city playgrounds, where the kids play pick up games all day and learn to create moves that most coaches would never allow. In the last 20 years we have become focused on teaching drills instead of hockey, making practice very static and not very enjoyable.

Playing games in practice doesn't mean that the time is wasted. However, every simplified and modified game in our system has a purpose. The drills are important in developing individual skills. These skills are improved when modified games are played. Once the physical skills are developed the players must learn to use them in realistic game like situations where they are forced to read the play and make good decisions.

Anatoli Tarasov revolutionized on-ice practices and worked to develop the complete athlete in ice hockey. Our system is a synthesis of all the techniques used in the international game. The drills and games are not the answer; they are techniques for a systematic way of repeating the concepts that teach a player to be in the right place at the right time. The system deals with both on- and off-ice practices. A good on-ice practice is best because the ice is where the game is played.

In search of the best hockey for young people

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