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Copyright by Juhani Wahlsten & Tom Molloy

The ABCs of IInternatiionall Hockey ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

We would like to acknowledge the many hockey coaches who have directly or by association contributed to the ideas in this book and Marian Moser and Jim Regan who have helped by proofreading the manual.

We want to thank and acknowledge the people we have played with, coached teams or camps with or whose clinics we have attended: Terry Johnson, Willie Desjardins, Mike Johnston, Tim Bothwell, Verner Persson, Slava Lener, BobToner, Scott MacDonald, Murray Heatley, Wally Kozak, Armand Belcourt, Curtis Brackenbury, John M. Cleveland, Court Dunn, Mike Berridge, Doug Cronk, Stewart Behie, VladimirYursinov, George Hill, Randy Murray, George Kingston, Bob Murdoch, Hans Lindberg, Ludak Bukac, Kjell Larsen, Dave King, Roger Nielson, Juhani Tamminen, Jukka Koivu, Harri jalava, Jouko Lukkarila, Jani Mesikämmen, Robert Beale and Horst Wein. In search of the best hockey for young people

We would like to acknowledge and thank Gaston Schaeffer for his contributions to the skating progressions.

Book 1

I want to thank all my first coaches who taught me to enjoy the game in my home town Kuopio, Finland, and all of the other players and colleagues whose names are not mentioned, but who have worked with us to produce the system.

Levels 0-2 Basic Manual for All Coaches Cards for Beginners to Age 9

A special thanks to professor Osmo Kivinen and his research group at the Research Unit for the Sosiology of Education at University of Turku, and to Leena Jääskeläinen, the principal of Santa Claus Sports Institute, at Rovaniemi; Jani Mesikämmen, who has assisted in keeping the material in order; last but not least, Gill and Peter Allison, my great English teachers.

We especially want to thank our wives, Leena Wahlsten and Cathy Molloy, and our children, Sami and Jali Wahlsten and Colleen,Annie, Melissa and Jim Molloy for their patience while we have worked on this book.

Juhani Wahlsten and Tom Molloy

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