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The ABCs of IInternatiionall Hockey FOREWORD

The Finnish Ice Hockey Association reorganized its coach training system and the contents of the training in 1991. The game of ice hockey is seen now more than it used to be as a combination of several components. This is reflected in hockey practice as well. At the same time the natural everyday exercise of children has decreased and organized coach-led practices have increased. The practice sessions of younger juniors requires them to develop not only their technical, but also their playing skills against the opponents, and (at the same time) their thinking-hockey sense. The task of a coach is also to, utilize limited ice time more effectively and involve as many players as possible in quality action on ice.

Hockey Coaching: The ABCs of International Ice Hockey is an answer to these and many other requirements of modern hockey practice. It is the task of a coach to transmit the hockey know-how of earlier generations to new generations. In Hockey Coaching: The ABCs of International Ice Hockey one can see Juhani Wahlsten's long hockey and life experience. He has transferred part of his own experience into hockey practices. Practices are not just practices. They must also include valuable know-how about how different qualities are successfully developed and how to use the ice effectively. Players learn by doing and coaches strengthen the learning process with their guidance. These practices also make up a program by which a coach can progress as the skill level advances. They also help the players to understand the game and its requirements better.

Hockey Coaching. The ABC's of International Ice Hockey supports the contents of the coach training of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association and is an excellent help to all coaches in carrying out hockey practices.

Erkka Westerlund Director of Development Finnish Ice Hockey Association

In search of the best hockey for young people

Book 1

Levels 0-2 Basic Manual for All Coaches Cards for Beginners to Age 9


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