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Q: How does the new SEIU card compare to the old Union Plus credit card?

The SEIU Rewards Visa® program has no fees, Union Plus has late and over-limit fees

The new SEIU card has a fixed APR of 14.99-19.99%, Union Plus has a variable rate that ranges from 13.99-22.99% and SEIU has no control over the terms

The SEIU Rewards Visa® has a full 1% cash back rewards option on all purchases regardless of spending level, which can be used for savings off your next statement

Q: How Do I Know that These Features Won’t Change Once I Sign Up for a Card?

Based on the contract with SEIU, any change to the terms of the program must be approved by SEIU.  In addition, SEIU has negotiated some of the best terms in the market to protect members who get in trouble. Unlike most cards that charge you a fee for one late payment and/or raise your interest rate to as high as 30%, the SEIU Rewards Visa® Card will not raise a member’s rate until he or she is 60 days late, or makes repeated late payments (three times in six months).  For those members who do default on their cards, it’s easier to get back to your original rate by making three on-time payments.  

Q: Who is eligible for the SEIU Rewards Visa® Card?

While all SEIU members are eligible to apply for the credit card, SEIU encourages only members with strong credit and a history of paying bills on time to apply for the card. If you do not think your credit is strong enough for a credit card, SEIU has also developed a product for you—the SEIU For You Prepaid Visa® Card. This prepaid debit card is widely accepted, can be loaded automatically with all or a portion of your paycheck, and is a great way to make purchases, pay bills, or send money while avoiding unnecessary fees and finance charges.

Q: Can I get my Local Union’s Name or Number on the Card?

Yes, the SEIU Rewards Visa® allows you to personalize your card with your local name

Q: How do you apply for the new SEIU Rewards Visa® Card?

There are three easy ways to apply:


Visit www.seiu.org/members


Call (888) 230-8445


See your local union representative

Q: What Does SEIU get for offering this card?

SEIU gets a fee based on new accounts that are generated through the program and a tiny percentage of sales from card spending. SEIU does not receive any fees based on the level of our members’ debt, which means there is no incentive in the program to encourage people to borrow and not pay their bills.  Revenues from the program are used to develop a comprehensive financial education program for SEIU members and explore other financial services—like savings accounts.  

Q: Who is PartnersFirst?

PartnersFirst is the affinity credit card division of Western Alliance Bancorporation, one of the fastest growing financial services companies in the nation with over $5 billion in assets. Recently cited in Business Week for offering a new consumer-friendly approach to the credit card market, PartnersFirst works hard to put the needs of its clients first.

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