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A simplified guide to the State civil service exam and hiring process:

Receive Exam Results You will receive your examination results letter either in the mail or upon completion of the online examination. Your score, based on your performance in the examination, determines your ranking on an employment list. You may start applying for job openings as soon as you receive notice that you passed your exam.

Look for Exam Information The exam is a preliminary screening tool to pre-qualify you to apply for open positions. To find open exams, go to ftb.ca.gov and search for exams. Read the examination bulletin and identify if you meet the minimum qualifications of the classification.

Apply for an Exam Instructions on how to apply for an exam are detailed on the examination bulletin. Complete a State application (STD 678) and mail it to the address indicated on the bulletin by the final filing date. Note: Exams for some jobs require applicants to apply and take the exam via the Internet. See the exam bulletin for details.

Apply for Job Openings We hire individuals within the top three ranks. Even if you are in lower ranks, you could become reachable as hiring occurs and candidates are removed from the list. Therefore, we encourage you to apply for all jobs you feel you are qualified for. To find your ranking, go to spb.ca.gov and search for eligible list disclosure.

Prepare for the Exam The examination bulletin indicates the types of testing component(s) used for the exam, such as written tests, structured (oral) interviews, supplemental applications, performance tests, Education & Experience examination (E&E), or an Internet examination. Carefully read the entire bulletin, especially the Scope section that outlines all areas that may be tested.

On the State Personnel Board’s website, browse job openings for the classification you are on an eligibility list for. Apply by sending your state application (STD 678) to the contact person listed in the job opportunity notice by the final filing date.

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