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President’s Message cont’d from page 3

MTH, Williams by Bachmann, Sunset Models; Security: Don Stotts (Chair.), Butch Alvarado, George Ann Hornor, Jack Hornor, Tony Deneve, Larry Pearson, (plus many more); Auctions: Vince Garguilo (Chair. & Auctioneer), Larry Tozzi, Tina Roberts, Danny Blanch, Alan Rebis, Mike Donovan, Jake Jacobsen; Marx Show & Tell: John K. Fox, Bob Cesarone; TCA Grading Standards Seminar: Bob Caplan (Chair.), Greg Palmer; Train Races & Demolition Derby: Jon Pincus (Chair.), Linda Pincus, Myron Moore, Jack Rice, J. D. Allford. Procurement of Raffle Prizes: Tony Deneve (Chair.); Sunday Raffle Ticket Sales: Walter Olson (Chair.); Sunday Special Public Raffle & Prize Donation: The Train Shack and Calvin & Phyllis Smith; Hall Cleanup: Calvin & Phyllis Smith, Larry Pearson, Bill Elliott, Will Elliott, Emmett Van Ness; Photographers: David Nissen and Hal Rothenborg; Classic Car Display: Neil Torrance; Accountant: Irwin Zigmond CPA; Chief Financial Officer: Mike Cunningham.

For the first time ever, TTOS National deliberately and willfully did everything they could to hinder and obstruct Cal- Stewart 2009. This is, in my opinion, a very sad development, because I believe that the Cal-Stewart Meet is the premier TTOS event, and the Southwestern Division works all year long to put it on and makes little or no profit in an attempt to keep costs to attendees as low as possible. In March, incoming National President Brian Fields directed Executive Director Randy Giroux to cancel the Cal-Stewart event insurance, which he did. Brian told me “you’ve got money – you pay for it”. “Send $250 per day ($750 total) if you want National to buy the insurance.” This came up for discussion at the Sacramento National Board Meeting in August, and Ken Flory, President of the Southern Pacific Division, was kind enough to make a motion that the Cal-Stewart event insurance be restored. The Motion passed unanimously, and National restored the Cal-Stewart insurance coverage. I found out later that the actual cost was $300, not $750. Considering all the work we do for National’s benefit, $300 is a real bargain. To put things in perspective, TTOS


National lost over $30,000 on the 2008 Sacramento Convention. Next, Randy Giroux decided that he did not want to release the National mailing list to us for us to use for the Cal-Stewart event brochure mailing, using the excuse that National could get sued if they released the National mailing list to us. National then paid hundreds of dollars to their law firm to say (in four pages) “don’t let them have the list unless every National Member gives his/her specific permission to give Southwest their name and address”. In the past, National always released their Membership list to us and no one ever complained, much less sued. What is the use of belonging to TTOS National if you don’t find out about train events? The result was several weeks of hard work and delay while we did our best to create a mailing list using old data. Several hundred brochures were returned with bad or obsolete addresses. And many Members of TTOS never got a registration brochure. Please note that when you renew your national membership, you will find a special section where you may give or deny permission to have your name and address released to Divisions. It is our hope that TTOS members will allow their mailing information to be released to Divisions so all Divisions may better inform the national membership about train events.

DECEMBER 7TH CHRISTMAS MEET A GREAT SUCCESS This year’s annual Open House Christmas Meet was a complete sellout and another great success, despite the competition from the Great Train Expo in Ventura. We distributed free passes to the public at Cal-Stewart, Travel Town and LA Live Steamers in Griffith Park. Over 100 invited public attended, and 40 children visited Santa, played by Fred Ruby. The Club provided free chocolate cup cakes, hot chocolate, coffee and tea to all attendees. Walter Olson provided the Christmas decorations and Jerry Moser handled the Raffle. We had three operating


Happy Train Running, Larry Pearson, President, SWD


The Train Shack

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One of the Largest Selection of Model trains in Southern California MTH, LIONEL, WEAVER, K-LINE, THIRD RAIL ATLAS, LGB, MARKLIN, KATO, ATHEARN


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