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2010 Release 3 News

In 2010 Release 3 the information guide to find the diagnostic socket is extended with a series of photos showing the exact location. This is available from the Connect-to-vehicle window by clicking on the information button and as a field in the Vehicle Information window.

Another great feature is the linking of vehicle selection information according to the TecDoc Information System. This makes it possible to link to an external program to get a quick and exact match to your vehicle, when searching for further information, such as enhanced fault tracing information, repair times etc. Today the functionality is matched towards Autodata, AuDaCon and Delphi Technical Data.

There is enhanced help functionality added in 2010 Release 3. In the “About” window in Help menu, you will find program version, system information with simplified access to the device manager, logs and screenshots to ease help and support. These are very helpful tools for support staff.

Due to database growth and enhanced software functionalities the memory capacity on the CD-rom is not enough. Therefore the 2010 Release 3 will be delivered on DVD. This allows us to put all the information on one disc, which means only one item to distribute.

The drivers for connecting a CDP to the computer via USB are now signed by Microsoft. This means that the drivers will automatically be installed without warnings.

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