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CE Features of the Second Generation CinemaStar Hard Disk Drives

Whitepaper | May 2008

HiVERTLean Power Design for 2.5- & 3.5-inch CinemaStar

Originally developed for the HGST mobile HDD product line as battery run-time extending technology, these high eciency voltage regulators now help minimize power consumption on both CinemaStar families, 3.5- inch and the compact 2.5-inch models.

The total power consumption of existing CE devices is not only a source of unwanted heat, detrimental to the life expectancy of such devices, but increasingly it is also seen as a growing contributor to general en- ergy consumption with all it’s negative impacts on the environment.

CE devices tend to remain in standby mode after use, while set top boxes in particular continue to record incoming programs around the clock, adding to the relevance of HGST’s power reduction initiative.

The debut of HiVERT in the 3.5-inch form factor, 7200 RPM CinemaStar SATA models resulted in a very power-ecient product at just 4.1W in unload idle mode. With the recent introduction of the CoolSpin™ mo- tor and driver design, unload idle mode power consumption is improved by 34%, to only 2.7W.

The latest 2.5-inch model, CinemaStar C5K320, maintains the industry-leading 1.7W performance idle power consumption of it’s predecessor.

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