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    • 2.4


      • The system must have access to databases that contain medical records of patients, relevant clinical trials, and medical best practices for different diseases.

  • The system will only work for diseases that are currently in the databases.

  • The input into the system must be correct, if a doctor enters a wrong diagnosis, the

treatment provided will not be relevant to the current patient.

2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies

The system assumes that there are databases set up that hold patients medical records, ongoing clinical trials, and medical guidelines for specific diseases, and that the system has access to these pieces of information. Without this information, the system has no information to base its recommendations for treatment.

2.6 Approportioning of Requirements

The customer stated that it would be ideal for the project to contain voice recognition for a method of input; however, this cannot be implemented due to time constraints.

3 Specific Requirements

The following is a list of specific requirements that the system will model its behavior from.

  • 1.

    Manage clinical information:

    • 1.1

      Identify and prescribe relevant clinical trials / protocols: The system will query the list of clinical trials hosted on www.clinicaltrials.gov

and determine if there are any ongoing trials that are relevant to the patient‟s diagnosis and, if so, will display information about the trial to the physician.

1.2 Track orders for treatment:

The system will allow the user to view information regarding both the patient‟s treatment history, as well as any treatment that has been scheduled. Information about previously administered treatments will be available in a variety of forms depending on the type of treatment, for example X-rays, lab reports, or prescriptions. Information pertaining to treatments that have been scheduled to take place sometime in the future will contain the proposed date and location, as well as any notes the physician has entered

Template based on IEEE Std 830-1998 for SRS. Modifications (content and ordering of information) have been made by Betty H.C. Cheng, Michigan State University (chengb at chengb.cse.msu.edu)


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