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Where the default can be shown to have occurred as a result of a change in the customer's circumstances beyond his or her reasonable control, then a revised financial statement will be prepared.

Additional debts to the Council may be incurred during the course of repayments in accordance with a financial statement.  The customer must be encouraged to contact a money advice agency to rearrange the repayment agreement and given a fixed time to do so before further action is taken.


Council Tax Bills must include the following details, which are essential to an efficient recovery process:

• the reference number;

• the named liable person;

• the address to which the bill relates;

• the date of issue, the period to which the bill relates and the amount charged;

• entitlements to discounts;

• the amount of any Council Tax benefit entitlement;

• any arrears or credits carried forward;

• any payments made;

• the actual amount to be paid; the amount and date of instalments due;

• the methods of payment which are available; and

• contact addresses and telephone numbers for queries.

Sundry Debt Invoices are raised and an invoice is dispatched giving details of:

• the invoice reference number;

• the named liable person;

• the service provided;

• the charge for that service;

• a payment instruction - payment is now due; and

• a contact person and telephone number.

Housing Benefit Overpayment demands must include:

• the reasons why there is an overpayment and why it is recoverable;

• the amount of the recoverable overpayment;

• how the amount was calculated;

• the benefit weeks to which the recoverable overpayment relates;

• where overpaid housing benefit is to be recovered by deduction from future housing benefit, the amount of that deduction;

• the person's right to request a written statement giving the Council's reasons for its determination of any matter set out in the letter and the manner and time in which to do so;

• the person's right to make written representations regarding the determination made and the time and manner in which to do so; and

• any other appropriate matter, e.g. the opportunity to make representations with regard to hardship

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