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1919 – 2005

Tony Fogg was a pioneer in modern algal (mostly microalgal) research.   During his career he ran several highly successful university departments as well as, among other activities, acting as Govenor of the Marine Biological Association (1973 – 1985), and President of the Institute of Biology (1976 – 1977).

Tony was a botanist who combined physiological, biochemical and ecological studies on algae, and in particular the blue-green algae (now known as cyanobacteria).   His early work was conducted at University College, London (1945 – 1960), before taking up a Chair in Botany at Westfield College, London (1960 -1971).   He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1965.

Following on from London he moved to the University College of North Wales (Bangor),  where he was Professor of Marine Biology from 1971 to 1985.   After his retirement Tony continued to live just outside Menai Bridge, and was seen almost daily in the School of Ocean Science.   Tony was an accomplished writer, whose work was scientifically accurate, concise, but mostly, simply a pleasure to read (see Letterbox in the Biologist, 51 (4), 2004).   He was also a gifted artist, and his collaboration in providing the text to accompany the images of David Smith in A History of Antarctic Science is “a must” for anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the ice covered Southern Ocean.

During his work in various parts of the work, he had the opportunity to work in the Antarctic.   Besides being fruitful in regard to his science, these visits sparked off a keen interest in all aspects of Polar work that resulted in a series of publications ranging from the biology of polar regions through to the history of exploration/science.

Tony Fogg was an outstanding scientist, but at the same time a humble gentleman.   He had a lively interest in the latest scientific activities, and continued to write and lecture with enviable style and wry humour .

Dr. David Thomas

School of Ocean Science

University of Wales, Bangor

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