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The future of Treborth Botanic Garden is still under discussion by the University authorities: it is likely that there will be adjustments in the way that the glasshouses are managed, and in funding and overall policy for the Garden. But changes are inevitable in a live, growing, system such as a Botanic Garden – plants outgrow their situations so have to be replaced, and new prospects can arise with fresh insights. What the Friends of Treborth Botanic Garden need to ensure is that such inevitable changes become positive opportunities for future developments.  Your FTBG Committee are actively planning for the future, developing what we have, and promoting some exciting new projects: we are concerned to keep the present ambience of the Garden, while encouraging its teaching, research, and local community potential.

Meanwhile, do come and see the Garden: at the time of writing this, buds are breaking out all over, and wild cherry blossom is at its peak. You missed a treat if you didn’t see the Magnolia stellata in flower this year!  The Garden is not only beautiful, but (as many have remarked) its ambience is healing.  By all means come and look, but, to get the full healing impact of the place, become an active volunteer!

Pat Denne (Chairman)



When I send out reminders of Treborth events to members and contacts, they go out to over 150 email addresses, all in the same email group.  The messages get through to most of the addresses, but unfortunately a large number bounce back to me.  The stated reasons for the return of the messages are many and varied, and include:

Invalid recipient (either very painful or someone is making a value-judgement)

Not recognised (plastic surgery?)

No account with us

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