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prove futile.   In this respect Treborth already has good links with CCW, BSBI, the Snowdonia National Park, Local Planning Authorities and the North Wales Wildlife Trust.

5.  Develop collections of mosses and liverworts (bryophytes) – coincidentally we are about to construct a shaded facility at Treborth to cultivate and display bryophytes for teaching and hope to develop valuable horticultural skills with this important group of lower plants.

6. Public and Political Awareness of the need for plant conservation – naturally botanic gardens have a vital educational role, both formal and informal, and they are a crucial link between the science and the application of conservation biology. Treborth’s important role as a University Botanic Garden ensures that this aim is a high priority here, but perhaps we can do more to influence a much wider sector of the community

7.  Capacity building – within each region (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) a side by side collection of critical native species with associated taxonomic and ecological expertise available – this will be met by Treborth continuing to increase its conservation collection and develop a good scientific understanding of the species involved. The present collection at Treborth includes the following Threatened Plant Species:

 Cotoneaster cambricus – Great Orme Berry

 Lloydia serotina – Snowdon Lily

 Lychnis viscaria – Sticky Catchfly

 Potentilla rupestris – Rock Cinquefoil

 Pyrus cordata - Plymouth Pear

 Rumex rupestris – Shore Dock

 Salix lanata – Woolly Willow

 Sorbus anglica – a whitebeam

 S. arranensis – a whitebeam

 S.minima – a whitebeam

 S.pseudofennica – a whitebeam

 Tephroseris integrifolia subsp. Maritima – Spathulate Fleawort

Tuberaria guttata – Spotted Rockrose

Woodsia ilvensis – Oblong Woodsia Fern

8.  Best practice – website dissemination of cultivation protocols, genetic documentation and ecological characterization of target species to ensure good collection management.

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