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LOWE'S POLICY STATEMENT: All employees of Lowe’s are expected to be honest and act in good faith, and to conduct themselves in such a manner to avoid any situation in which his or her interest or the interest of his or her family might adversely affect the best interests of the Company. The following statements support this policy. All vendors and suppliers are also expected to support and comply with these policies. Failure to do so may result in discontinuance of business relationships.

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    BUSINESS INTERESTS - Employees and their immediate family are prohibited from having any personal financial dealings with any individual or business organization furnishing or seeking to furnish merchandise, supplies, property or services to Lowe's and are prohibited having an interest in any organization doing business with Lowe's, other than ownership of a small minority equity interest in a publicly traded company. Additionally, Employees should not act on behalf of Lowe’s in any transaction with another organization in which their immediate family member has a material financial interest or by which an immediate family member is employed in a management or sales and marketing position. Immediate family includes parents, children, spouses, siblings, in-laws and anyone (other than a domestic employee) who shares an Employee’s home.

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    ACCEPTANCE OF GIFTS OR OTHER BENEFITS - Lowe’s has a policy on conflicts of interest that is part of Lowe’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that provides, in general, that Employees and members of their immediate families should not request or accept gifts or other personal benefits from any of Lowe’s vendors or service providers. For information regarding this policy, persons doing business or seeking to do business with Lowe’s should consult the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that is posted on Lowe’s corporate web site at http://www.shareholder.com/lowes/ethics.cfm.

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    CORPORATE FUNDS - Lowe's employees are prohibited from maintaining or authorizing disbursements of Company funds that are not recorded on its books and records. Any Lowe's liability to the supplier is to be satisfied only by submission of an appropriately detailed invoice to Lowe's.

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    CORPORATE SOURCING POLICY - It is corporate policy that Lowe’s only purchase products and services from vendors whose labor force is made up of employees with a minimum age of no less than 16 years, and that its vendors’ or suppliers’ labor in producing the goods is not furnished, wholly or in part, by convicts or prisoners, except convicts or prisoners on parole, supervised release, or probation, or in any penal or reformatory institution.

All vendors and suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the conduct of their business with Lowe’s.

If you are subjected to or are aware of a violation of this policy, please report it by contacting our independent business abuse information clearinghouse at 1-800-784-9592.


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